About Us

The Company

Philippine Top Platinum Lending Corporation was formed in 2014 by Japanese and Filipino incorporators who have a collective experience in financial, investment and real estate industries. We are fully compliant with all relevant government agencies evident with its Registration to the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) with the No. CS201421830, Certificate of Authority No. 1899 and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Carrying the brand called “Prime Loan Plus”, we aim to be the organization that Filipinos can trust when it comes to financial assistance. Currently, we are working on the possibility of providing other types of loan that would fit the demand of our target market through constant research and study.

Our Brand

With the customers in mind as first importance, our brand aims to offer the best possible quality in service to bring about vigor or success in a person's life.

Our Mission

We, at Philippine Top Platinum Lending Corporation, do our best to provide an opportunity through our convenient loan service to help in building a strong and healthy community. Our people strive for excellence in serving the unique market that relies on the products we deliver punctually, with quality and integrity. We commit ourselves to value life by taking care of your obligations at times it’s needed the most. We work together to serve as an aid to the people, especially those with bright ideas and small businesses that are seeking assistance, by offering them a fair and affordable service that would relieve them from financial trouble as we promote economic stability.

Our Goal

To bridge the financial gap in the society in a reasonable and equitable way

To provide sustainable financial services to help in alleviating the economic condition of small and medium enterprises, as well as individuals coming from different paths in life.

To be a leading provider of financial services to the Asia Pacific.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves to be the leading institution in the lending industry, providing easy access credit and financial support to our captured market as we expand our services adaptive to the needs of our customers.

With a customer-driven culture, we believe that we can achieve exceptional results. We aim to be the #1 trusted Filipino brand for loan products that would help emerging businesses and the marginal sector in bridging the financial gap towards growth and success as we build partnerships in reaching the goals of our customers.

Why us?

100% Legitimate Company

We are SEC and IPO registered, assuring you a trusted quality service.

Customer-Driven Excellence

Pre and After-sales support and concerns will be accommodated by our reliable loan specialists who are always ready to serve you.

Streamlined Application Process

We are more efficient with our application - know how much you can loan once you answer the form. You're immediately informed by the system whether you pass our pre-screening or not. Loan Approval is no later than 5 days. 

Building Bridges

We do not only bridge the society's financial gap, we take the initiative to work with people and partner with organizations that will help us serve you better. 

Do not hesitate to ask when you need to.

We are here to assist. Contact us via email, phone or social media. 

Prime Loan Plus is the brand of Philippine Top Platinum Lending Corporation is a Lending Company duly registered and licensed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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[Head Office] Unit 1505 The Pearlbank Centre, 146 Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City

SEC Company Registration No. CS201421830

Certificate of Authority No. 1899

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