Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-loan Questions

What are the types of loans do you offer?

Currently, we're offering loans for Executive, Managers, Supervisors, and Doctors. We accept land, house & lot and car for Mortgage too.

What is the interest rate?
How much is the service fee?
Do you require a collateral?
What are the qualifications?
How much can I loan? Until when can I pay?
Can I apply if I do not have an employment?
After approval, when will I receive the money?

Existing Loan Questions

How do I make my payments?

There are different ways to make your payments:

  1. Post-dated cheques
  2. Payment centers like M Lhuillier Pawnshops, ECPay branches and 7-11 branches
  3. Bank deposits in BDO or Metrobank

You will be asked to choose your mode of payment once you apply for the loan.

What if I miss a payment?
What if I want to pay of my loan early?
What if I changed my personal details such as home address, last name, contact number, etc.? (In case I moved to a different address, got married, lost my phone, etc.)
What if I don't pay my loan?

Why us?

100% Legitimate Company

We are SEC and IPO registered, assuring you a trusted quality service.

Customer-Driven Excellence

Pre and After-sales support and concerns will be accommodated by our reliable loan specialists who are always ready to serve you.

Streamlined Application Process

We are more efficient with our application - know how much you can loan once you answer the form. You're immediately informed by the system whether you pass our pre-screening or not. Loan Approval is no later than 5 days. 

Building Bridges

We do not only bridge the society's financial gap, we take the initiative to work with people and partner with organizations that will help us serve you better. 

Do not hesitate to ask when you need to.

We are here to assist. Contact us via email, phone or social media. 

Prime Loan Plus is the brand of Philippine Top Platinum Lending Corporation is a Lending Company duly registered and licensed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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